Friday, May 3, 2013

Book Review: The Children's Story: A Novel, Not for Children

Title The Children's Story: A Novel, Not for Children

Author Robert A. Krueger

Release Date October 22, 2012

One morning young teen sisters decide to go for a walk, not realizing that this outing will change them forever. They become trapped in a strange land where the outrageous and bizarre seem normal. They only wish to find their way home; but this journey, which is not of their choosing, has a different purpose or so it seems as they are forced on their way. The people and animals they meet are outlandish or eccentric or sometimes normal. Each has a lesson to teach or perhaps not. They are bombarded with sense and with nonsense that may or may not be nonsense. In their minds, they fight to remain children, but they are neither child nor adult. Deep inside the sisters progressively understand that there is a purpose to their journey and that it has to do with good and evil. But they are neither free from torment nor from the absurd. They must overcome the temptation of evil if, in fact, they can recognize it.

Interwoven with the sisters' story are other tales of good and of the arrogance and depravity of evil (as in the Holocaust). Allegorically, this is everyone's journey and everyone's story.

This was such a strange book.

First off, the writing style is very unlike anything else I've read before. The closest I can compare it to would be Alice in Wonderland (though I've never read Alice, I have seen the movies). I assume that the reader will either love the style or hate it. I don't see much of a grey area here. That being said, I'm not sure which side I fall on. In the nonsensical portions of the story (those involving the sisters), I wasn't favorable of the style. However, during the realistic portions of the story, I enjoyed it more.

In the beginning, I felt like I was reading two separate books squished into one. I couldn't see how the two stories were related at all. I was rather confused and I wasn't sure I even wanted to finish the book. I felt like it might be a little too strange for me. As the book progressed, though, the stories meshed together and made more sense.

If you enjoy strange and interesting books, this might be the book for you. The Children's Story blends reality and non-reality smoothly to provide an enjoyably odd story.


3.5 out of 5 stars

* This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. *

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