Monday, December 16, 2013

Book Review: Ricochet

Title Ricochet

Series Addicted, book 1.5

Author Krista & Becca Ritchie

Release Date August 1, 2013

As a sex addict, Lily Calloway must do the impossible. Stay celibate for 90 days.

Cravings and fantasies become her new routine, but while Loren Hale recovers from his alcohol addiction, Lily wonders if he’ll realize what a monster she really is. After all, her sexual compulsions begin to rule her life the longer she stays faithful to him.

Progress. That’s what Lily’s striving for. But by trying to become closer to her family—people who aren’t aware of her addiction—she creates larger obstacles. When she spends time with her youngest sister, she learns more about her than she ever imagined and senses an unsettling connection between Daisy and Ryke Meadows.

With Lily and Lo’s dysfunctional relationship teetering and unbalanced, they will need to find a way to reconnect from miles apart. But the inability to “touch” proves to be one of the hardest tests on their road to recovery. Some love brushes the surface. Some love is deeper than skin.

Lily and Lo have three months to discover just how deep their love really goes.

Includes the first chapter to the sequel Addicted for Now.

Companion to the Sequel: A full-length New Adult Romance that continues where Addicted to You left off. As a companion novel, it bridges the gap between the first and second book. It is highly recommended to be read before Addicted for Now.

You know what? The silliest things bother me. I understand novellas in between full-length novels in a series. Bridging a gap in the story can be vital in keeping a series going. However, considering this is a full-length novel, I'm confused as to why this is a half-number book as opposed to a full-number book. Maybe it's because it's not "required" reading for the series? Which sounds crazy considering it covers an important three month time period with Lo in rehab and Lily working through her addiction. Ah, whatever. Like I said, it's always the silliest things that bother me.

While this might not be "required" reading for the series, I certainly recommend reading it. While this book focuses mostly on Lily (not enough Lo!!!), we're also given flashbacks into Lily and Lo's past. I love learning more about the characters in the books I'm reading. It always makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Yes, I'm aware that this isn't much of a review. But I did want to bring attention to the fact that the half-numbered full-length book bothered me even though it's silly. Also, the first chapter of the next book, Addicted for Now, is included in this book. After reading it, I'm dying to start the book! What in the world am I going to do whenever I'm caught up and have to wait for the next book like everyone else?! Be sad, that's what I'll do.


4 out of 5 stars

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