Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Book Review: On the Way to Everywhere

Title On the Way to Everywhere

Author Kirsten Bloomberg Feldman

Release Date August 26, 2014

Though she’s nicknamed for the magical Harry Potter, six-foot, dreadlocked Harry Kavanaugh doesn’t find any wonder in her daily life at an exclusive girls’ school outside of Washington, DC. In fact she wants nothing more than to chuck her lot and enter the wilds of public school—too bad she didn’t reckon on a trip to the hospital, a runaway, and a renegade or three, which just might show her a different path to everywhere.

When Kirsten contacted me to read her second book, I jumped at the opportunity with no hesitation. I enjoyed her first book, No Alligators in Sight, and I was sure that this book would be no different. I was right.

Kirsten has a knack for writing characters. Once again, her characters truly come to life. Harry is fantastic. She's a little awkward and very much a teenage girl. Her family, Imogene Gayle and Jeremy, are both loving and a little dysfunctional. The girls at her boarding school are what I'd imagine. And while all of the characters are flawed, they are relatable in their own way.

On the Way to Everywhere is a great story about learning and growing up. Not just for Harry, but for everyone in the story. I loved reading about the transformations that the characters underwent throughout the book. It's clear that Kirsten has a talent for writing. Not only are her characters great, but her ability to tell a captivating story is present, too. There are no boring parts and everything feels essential to move the story forward.

This book is definitely worth the read and I recommend you read it when you get a chance.


5 out of 5 stars

* This book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review. *

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