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Fuel the Fire Blog Tour (& Givewaway) - The Calloway and Cobalt Publicists Tell All!

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It's almost time, Fizzle Force! Fuel the Fire will be here April 3rd! I'm so excited to be a part of the tour (check out the entire schedule here). Today, we've got a guest post with the Calloway and Cobalt publicists spilling some secrets! Enjoy!


Behind the scenes, Corbin and Naomi have been through some of the most scandalous events alongside the Calloway family. Corbin’s job: to minimize the damage of any salacious headline and spin the Calloways in a positive light. Naomi’s job: to protect Connor Cobalt’s reputation at his say-so.

Both publicists have agreed to sit down with Celebrity Crush editor, Andrea DelaCorte, for an honest interview about working with this high-profile family. Remember neither publicist is willing to compromise their job for the sake of a tabloid article.

Which Calloway sister do you find the hardest to work with: Rose, Lily, or Daisy?

Naomi: I only work with Rose, but there have been a couple instances where an issue encompasses both Rose and Lily. I find Lily harder to work with since she’s not as vocal about her opinions—but we always find a good solution with everyone.

Corbin: I’d say the exact opposite. Rose is too opinionated, and when we’re all trying to do damage control, it’s easier to have one or two loud voices at most.

Naomi: Corbin prefers to listen to Greg and Samantha Calloway, but he forgets that most of the headlines don’t even impact their image. It directly affects the girls.

Corbin: What affects the girls, affects the Calloway’s multi-billion-dollar soda company.

Which guy do you find the hardest to work with: Ryke, Loren, or Connor?

Naomi: Connor is extremely easy to work, but I have the hardest time with Ryke. Thankfully there’s only been a few instances where I’ve needed to contact him, but when he does offer his opinion, it’s usually riddled with swear words, so I can’t take what he says at face-value.

Corbin: No question for me, Loren Hale has been the toughest person to work with. The world mostly sees his loving side towards Lily, but when he feels like she’s being threatened at all, his defenses rise.

Naomi: I agree with you on that. I didn’t personally work with Corbin when Loren and Lily had bad press in the media, but I’ve seen how he is now—and I can imagine Loren must’ve dug his heels in a few times to protect her.

Corbin: He can shred you with one sentence. I’m never gentle in my approach, so he’ll cut me down at least once in a meeting.

Which Calloway sister has the most secrets that have been kept quiet inside the family: Rose, Lily or Daisy?

Naomi: Lily is an open-book now. Rose is also unfiltered, so that leaves Daisy. She’s the most private of the girls, and to protect her privacy, I can’t disclose any of her secrets.

Corbin: I don’t always agree with Naomi, but in this case, I’d say the same. Anyone who’s close to the family knows that Daisy has been dealing with the aftereffects of the Paris riot—and she’s done a good job keeping that private.

Which guy has the most secrets that have been kept quiet inside the family: Ryke, Loren, or Connor?

Naomi: Like I said, I don’t personally work with Ryke that much, so I can’t really speak about him. Of Connor and Loren—Connor is more careful about what reaches the public’s ears than Loren. At this point, most bad press surrounding Loren are just rumors.

Corbin: Loren’s secrets are out in the open by now, and Ryke rarely talks to us or any of the Calloway’s team to sort out if he even has skeletons that might surface someday. I also don’t have a relationship with Connor. He’s made it apparent that Naomi represents him, not me.

Which couple is most likely to start making out during a meeting: Rose & Connor, Ryke & Daisy, or Lily & Loren?

Naomi: Rose and Connor will go as far as holding hands.

Corbin: I’ve seen Loren tease Lily if the meetings go long, and it’s more likely that Ryke and Daisy will say something inappropriate than start kissing. Lily and Loren are the easy choice here.

Who’s always late for meetings?

Naomi: when we need the whole family there, it’s usually Ryke and Daisy who are missing.

Corbin: Ryke.

Do the Calloways consult you before they want to do something like get a tattoo, a pet, a new hairstyle, or a car?

Naomi: No. They’re under no obligation to tell me what they do, but if Connor feels like it’ll have a negative reaction, I always urge him to come talk to me first.

Corbin: I like a forewarning. I didn’t get one when Daisy got a tattoo, and I learned about it the same day it went in the tabloids. I’m not a fan of being blindsided when my job is to protect them, so I always ask that they tell me what they’re doing before they do it.

Naomi: And do they listen to you, Corbin?

Corbin: *quiet* not all the time, no. The parents do. The kids are living by their own rules until something bites them in the ass. Then they turn to me.

Naomi: They’re in their twenties, and I think it’s unnecessary for Lily to call you if she wants to get a pixie haircut.

Corbin: …she didn’t, did she?

Naomi: It was a hypothetical, Corbin.

Do the families tell you if say…one of the couples were in the process of trying for a baby?

Naomi: We hear things, but they never outright tell us if they’re trying.

Corbin: At least not until they make an announcement. We’ll know if someone is pregnant before all of you.

How much of what we see of the Calloway sisters and the guys is what really happens behind-the-scenes?

Naomi: I’d say 60% is accurate. The 40% isn’t publicized or inaccurate leaks.

Corbin: I’d say 70 to 30 since they’ve been on social media. Some of them aren’t shy about letting you inside their lives.

And lastly, do you think we’ll be seeing a reality show with the kids any time soon? Are their any plans to let the world watch their children grow up a little bit closer than we’re seeing now?

Naomi: No comment.

Corbin: No comment.

Title Fuel the Fire

Series Calloway Sisters, book 3

Authors Krista & Becca Ritchie

Release Date April 3, 2015

Protect your family. At all costs.

It’d take the impossible to hurt Connor Cobalt, even for a moment.

Protect your family. At all costs.

At twenty-six, his narcissistic tendencies have made room for the people he loves.

Protect your family. At all costs.

And he loves Rose. But when his love is threatened, when his greatest dreams with her are compromised — what is the cost then?

Protect your family. At all costs.

Love will guide his choices.

For the first time in his life.
About Krista & Becca Ritchie

Krista & Becca Ritchie are identical twins—one a science nerd, the other a comic book geek—but with their shared passion for writing, they combined their mental powers as kids and have never stopped telling stories. Now in their early twenties, they write about other twenty-somethings navigating through life, college, and romance. They love superheroes, flawed characters, and soul mate love.

They are the New Adult authors of the Addicted series and Calloway Sisters spin-off series, and you can find them on almost every social media, frolicking around like wannabe unicorns.



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Book Review: The Rosie Effect

Title The Rosie Effect

Series Don Tillman, book 2

Author Graeme Simsion

Release Date September 24, 2014


GREETINGS. My name is Don Tillman. I am forty-one years old. I have been married to Rosie Jarman, world's most perfect woman, for ten months and ten days.

Marriage added significant complexity to my life. When we relocated to New York City, Rosie brought three maximum-size suitcases. We abandoned the Standardised Meal System and agreed that sex should not be scheduled in advance.

Then Rosie told me we had 'something to celebrate', and I was faced with a challenge even greater than finding a partner.

I have attempted to follow traditional protocols and have sourced advice from all six of my friends, plus a therapist and the internet.

The result has been a web of deceit. I am now in danger of prosecution, deportation and professional disgrace.

And of losing Rosie forever.

One of the things that I enjoyed so much about the first book was how Don and Rosie interacted with one another. However, that magic isn't present in this book. The lack of communication between Rosie and Don not only contributed to their issues in the book, but also my lack of enjoyment in the story.

Another issue I had was things felt very inauthentic. Sometimes it's harder for me to suspend disbelief than others. This time I had a bit of trouble as some of the situations (Lydia as a whole, Sonia as Rosie, etc.) just didn't work at all for me.

The Rosie Effect didn't live up to the first book (which often happens to sequels, unfortunately). And while I'd read a third book if one were to happen to come about, I wouldn't go out of my way to read it.


3.5 out of 5 stars

Monday, March 23, 2015

Book Review: You

Title You

Series You, book 1

Author Caroline Kepnes

Release Date September 30, 2014

When a beautiful, aspiring writer strides into the East Village bookstore where Joe Goldberg works, he does what anyone would do: he Googles the name on her credit card.

There is only one Guinevere Beck in New York City. She has a public Facebook account and Tweets incessantly, telling Joe everything he needs to know: she is simply Beck to her friends, she went to Brown University, she lives on Bank Street, and she’ll be at a bar in Brooklyn tonight—the perfect place for a “chance” meeting.

As Joe invisibly and obsessively takes control of Beck’s life, he orchestrates a series of events to ensure Beck finds herself in his waiting arms. Moving from stalker to boyfriend, Joe transforms himself into Beck’s perfect man, all while quietly removing the obstacles that stand in their way—even if it means murder.

I picked this book up on a whim about a month and a half ago. It was on sale and the blurb sounded awesome. I read no reviews. I didn't pay attention to star ratings. I just one clicked and hopped it was $1.99 well spent. So, was it? Abso-freaking-lutely!

You is told from the second person narrative. This is something I don't see too terribly often and I'm perfectly okay with that seeing as how it doesn't work well a lot of the time. However, it's flawless here. I feel like the second person narrative adds a certain creep factor that you wouldn't get in first or third person. I loved it.

This book has flawed characters galore with little to no redeeming qualities about them. Some may find so many unlikeable characters off-putting, but I didn't. I think that's because we can so easily understand these characters. We understand their motivations and why they do what they do. So, yes. They are unlikeable, crazy, flawed, and totally screwed up. That's okay. It makes a really good story.

I found this book nearly impossible to put down and cursed my husband ever time he wanted to binge watch Sons of Anarchy (amazing show, by the way). I could have easily read it straight through if "real life" wasn't a thing. I am looking forward to getting my hands on the next book, Love, as soon as possible (expected publication date is September 8, 2015 according to Goodreads).


5 out of 5 stars

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Book Review: The Contradiction of Solitude

Title The Contradiction of Solitude

Author A. Meredith Walters

Release Date March 6, 2015

You may notice me, but you will never know me.
I prefer it that way.
I am the daughter of a monster.
Born from blood and lies.
Dead before I have truly lived.
But Elian tells me that I'm different.
He tells me that I'm beautiful.
That I'm an enigma wrapped in irresistibly complicated skin.
Elian says that he loves me.
These words terrify me.
I can't trust love.
Or hope.
Or truth.
Because I fear the beast inside.
It threatens to drown Elian and his sweet, unconditional love.
It's a beast that will destroy everything.

One of the first things I noticed about this book on Goodreads was the fully written reviews with no ratings. And then I read those reviews. Hmm, they don't seem to be negative... but they aren't exactly positive, either. That just made me want to read the book even more.

This is not the first book I've read by A. Meredith Walters. It is, though, the first book of hers that I've read that isn't romance (although this may be her only non-romantic book, I'm not sure). The Contradiction of Solitude is a psychological thriller (which I certainly prefer over hack and slash/gory thrillers all day long). Now, I certainly won't pigeonhole authors and only read one genre of book by them. In fact, I love seeing authors branch out and take on something completely different than their norm. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't (it works here!).

The Contradiction of Solitude captivated my attention from the very first page. I was enthralled. Even knowing the ending (it was predictable, which explains the 4 star rating), I devoured this book.

Even though I loved this book, I know it won't be for everyone. You can't go into this book looking for a romance (which the author is known for). You'll be disappointed. However, if you're looking for an interesting, twisty, psychological thriller then this may be the book for you.


4 out of 5 stars

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Book Review: Chimera

Title Chimera

Series Universe Eventual, book 1

Author N. J. Tanger

Release Date April 25, 2015

The Stephen’s Point colony is dying. Desperate, the colony must restore the ancient colony ship Chimera for a dangerous return journey to Earth.

To sixteen-year-old Theo Puck, the Mandate to crew the Chimera seems like a game—one he isn’t invited to play. A brutal murder changes everything: left with no choice, Theo has to complete the Selection training and make it aboard the Chimera or face terrible consequences.

Selena Samuelson wants to do what she does best—fly. Piloting her father’s ore trawler is the only life she’s known before a horrifying accident strands her aboard the Hydra, the station responsible for rebuilding the Chimera. Forced into the Mandate testing against her will, Selena encounters an unexpected ally, forever changing the way she sees the Chimera and herself.

Forced to make dark choices in order to survive, Theo and Selena’s fates intertwine. But behind the scenes, someone else sets into motion events that could destroy everything they’re fighting to protect.

Sci-fi isn't my first genre choice when reading, so I'm always hesitant to agree to read and review these types of books (even more so when the book has so few reviews already). But there was something different about Chimera that intrigued me. It was written/edited by three people. THREE! I'm pretty sure three people is a first for me. So, that was my original draw into agreeing to read and review this book. Thankfully, that's not all Chimera has going for it.

It took me a couple of chapters to really become interested in the story, but then I was hooked. I was slightly more interested in Theo than Selena, but both characters were able to hold my attention. This book has it all: solid writing, realistic characters, and an entertaining story.

Chimera is an interesting book and a promising start to a series. I would definitely recommend it to those that enjoy sci-fi.


4 out of 5 stars

* This book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review. *

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Book Review: Air

Title Air

Series Elements of Power, book 3

Author Heather James

Release Date March 12, 2015


I needed air.

I was gasping, but my lungs refused to take any in.

Jasmine's world is crumbling around her. Still reeling from the discovery of her parents' identities, she is forced to face the repercussions of her actions in the Helian Realm, while her beloved home is besieged by Helian attackers. And she still can't control her powers.

Roxy is confronted by the realisation that she has travelled across the Realms for a boy who thinks she betrayed him. A boy dating the girl who sold her out. And even while freezing in the Arcan Realm it seems she can't escape Cinaer's grasp.

Time is running out for the girls to save the world - and the boy - they love. But to have any chance of defeating Cinaer, they are going to have to work together. Cinaer is on a warpath and he's not giving up until he has secured the Helian throne - even if he has to reduce the Arcan Realm to dust in the process.

From the moment I started Air, it was hard to put down. We're thrust right into the action we saw coming at the end of Water and it continues pretty steadily until the very end. No spoilers here, but I was happy with the ending all around.

The Elements of Power series was solid from book one until the very end. There's excellent world and character building, a strong storyline, and a satisfying conclusion. This is a definite recommendation for those that enjoy fantasy.


5 out of 5 stars

* This book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review. *

Friday, March 6, 2015

Book Review: Seed

Title Seed

Author Lisa Heathfield

Release Date March 10, 2015

All that Pearl knows can be encapsulated in one word: Seed. It is the isolated community that she was born into. It is the land that she sows and reaps. It is the center of her family and everything that means home. And it is all kept under the watchful eye of Papa S.

At fifteen years old, Pearl is finally old enough to be chosen as Papa S.’s companion. She feels excitement . . . and surprising trepidation that she cannot explain. The arrival of a new family into the Seed community—particularly the teenage son, Ellis—only complicates the life and lifestyle that Pearl has depended upon as safe and constant. Ellis is compelling, charming, and worldly, and he seems to have a lot of answers to questions Pearl has never thought to ask. But as Pearl digs to the roots of the truth, only she can decide what she will allow to come to the surface.

Lisa Heathfield’s suspenseful, scintillating debut features a compelling voice that combines blithe naïveté, keen observation, and sincere emotion.

This is the kind of book that I absolutely love. It's got a wonderful story, interesting characters, and is well written. It was incredibly hard to put this book down whenever I really needed to. I absolutely recommend this book.

The only negative thing that I can really say about Seed is that it ended on a cliffhanger. And, really, that's not a bad thing as it is a frustrating thing. Cliffhangers can make a reader crazy! However, the letter to the reader in the beginning of the ARC states that this is part one of a two part series, so I am certainly eager to get my hands on the second book as soon as possible.


5 out of 5 stars

* This book was received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. *

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Book Review: My Best Everything

Title My Best Everything

Author Sarah Tomp

Release Date March 3, 2015

You say it was all meant to be. You and me. The way we met. Our secrets in the woods. Even the way it all exploded. It was simply a matter of fate.

Maybe if you were here to tell me again, to explain it one more time, then maybe I wouldn’t feel so uncertain. But I’m going back to the beginning on my own. To see what happened and why.

Luisa “Lulu” Mendez has just finished her final year of high school in a small Virginia town, determined to move on and leave her job at the local junkyard behind. So when her father loses her college tuition money, Lulu needs a new ticket out.

Desperate for funds, she cooks up the (definitely illegal) plan to make and sell moonshine with her friends, Roni and Bucky. Quickly realizing they’re out of their depth, Lulu turns to Mason: a local boy who’s always seemed like a dead end. As Mason guides Lulu through the secret world of moonshine, it looks like her plan might actually work. But can she leave town before she loses everything – including her heart?

The summer walks the line between toxic and intoxicating. My Best Everything is Lulu’s letter to Mason – though is it an apology, a good-bye, or a love letter?

My Best Everything was so much more than I could have hoped for. It was a thoroughly enjoyable book.

The story is told from Lulu's point of view as a letter to Mason. Like the blurb says, we don't know what kind of letter it is and you don't find out until the end. That's one of the many reasons that I found this book so easy to read. I was intrigued and wanted to know how things played out for everyone.

Fantastic writing. Great characters. Unique storyline. This book has it all. Definitely recommended.

One thing I'd like to note, though... I don't understand the title for this book. It doesn't really work for the story, but eh. Don't judge a book by its title?


5 out of 5 stars

* This book was received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. *

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Book Review: Becoming Rain

Title Becoming Rain

Series Burying Water, book 2

Author K. A. Tucker

Release Date March 3, 2015

Luke Boone doesn't know exactly what his uncle Rust is involved in but he wants in on it-the cars, the money, the women. And it looks like he's finally getting his wish. When Rust hands him the managerial keys to the garage, they come with a second set-one that opens up the door to tons of cash and opportunity. Though it's not exactly legal, Luke's never been one to worry about that sort of thing. Especially when it puts him behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 and onto the radar of gorgeous socialite named Rain.

Clara Bertelli is at the top of her game-at only twenty-six years old, she's one of the most successful undercover officers in the Washington D.C. major crime unit, and she's just been handed a case that could catapult her career and expose one of the west coast's most notorious car theft rings. But, in order to do it, she'll need to go deep undercover as Rain Martines. Her target? The twenty-four-year old nephew of a key player who appears ready to follow in his uncle's footsteps.

As Clara drifts deeper into the luxurious lifestyle of Rain, and further into the arms of her very attractive and charming target, the lines between right and wrong start to blur, making her wonder if she'll be able to leave it all behind. Or if she'll even want to.

I really love the way K. A. Tucker writes book series (side note: series is such a strange word being both plural and singular; it really messes with my head). I like that they can all be standalone books, but work best together.

Becoming Rain was a fantastic book. I loved it all the way through. It felt more intense and, in my opinion, had a stronger storyline than the first book did. However, it was similar to Burying Water in one sense... the ending. I wanted just a little bit more! However, unlike the first book, I didn't feel like it was necessarily needed. I'm just being greedy.

As with anything else K. A. Tucker writes, I'm looking forward to the next book in the series, Chasing River. Though I don't know any details, I do know it's sure to be another great read.


5 out of 5 stars

* This book was received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. *