Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (#3)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because everyone loves a good list, don't they? We love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

This week is all about authors we've read the most books from. I scoured through my read list on Goodreads to come up with this list. I was somewhat surprised at the number of books I have read from some authors.

  1. Ann M. Martin (133+ books) - I actually don't have her books rated on Goodreads, but I've read each and every single book in the Baby-Sitter's Club series as well as some of the spin-offs. I included her because she was my favorite when I was in elementary school.
  2. Sara Shepard (26 books) - Wow! I'm totally surprised at the number. Sara Shepard has been my guilty pleasure author of the past few years. I even have a couple of her other books on my TBR list.
  3. Ellen Hopkins (13 books) - I think I've read all of her books except her most recent, Love Lies Beneath (but it's on my TBR list).
  4. V. C. Andrews (11 books) - I owe my love for her books to my mom. She had lots of her books and when I wasn't able to get to the library for new books, I had lots to choose from.
  5. Krista & Becca Ritchie (9 books) - These girls are probably my current favorite authors. They write amazing NA books. I'm anxiously awaiting more awesome books from them.
  6. Lori L. Otto (9 books) - I've read both her Emi Lost and Found & Choisie series. Both are really enjoyable romance series.
  7. George R. R. Martin (8 books) - One of my book resolutions this year was to read A Song of Ice and Fire series. Great decision. I'm now waiting just like everyone else for the next book.
  8. Teresa Mummert (8 books) - I might have to classify Teresa as another one of my guilty pleasure authors. A few of her other books are still on my TBR list.
  9. K. A. Tucker (8 books) - I really love K. A. Tucker's writing. She's another one of my favorite authors currently.
  10. J. K. Rowling (7 books) - There were a lot of authors (at least five others) that I had read seven books from, but I decided to give this spot to the Harry Potter series. They are definitely some of my all-time favorite books.
Who are your most read authors? Leave a comment with your TTT and I'll check it out!


  1. VC Andrew books definitely have found their way to us all through our parents. Great Post. Check out my Top Ten Tuesday

  2. Lots of great authors here - some I still need to check out :)
    My TTT

  3. I just discovered KA Tucker this year and I can't believe I haven't read anything by her sooner! Love her works! I actually just bought a few books from the Burying Water series!

    My TTT


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