Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Book Review: Love Like We Do (Side B)

Title Love Like We Do (Side B)

Series Love Like We Do, book 2

Author Lori L. Otto

Release Date October 21, 2015

In the continuation of the LOVE LIKE WE DO series, SIDE B, Max experiences the excitement of first love and the crushing disappointment of rejection when he realizes that the person he cares for is too ashamed to be with him. For Callen to be honest with himself and to live the life he wants to live, he knows he risks becoming ostracized by his own parents and society. For someone who’s always been strong and confident, he’s never felt so weak or afraid to stand up for what he believes is right for him.

This is Max and Callen’s side of the story.

While this is the same story as Side A, it's 100% worth reading. This is the inside story of Max and Callen. I believe that Side A could be read as a standalone, but Side B certainly cannot. I recommend you read both, though. They are that good!

Side B provides an understanding of the events in a deeper way than what was given in Side A. You get to know Callen. You get to know his struggles and his reasoning. Though I said you could probably read Side A as a standalone, you won't get the intimate understanding that you really deserve until you read Side B. Don't skip this book!

Also, can I just mention Will Rosser for a moment? I thought I loved him before. Um, now I really do! Seeing his support for Callen (and Max) just blew me away. I cannot wait for his story.

These two books are, by far, my favorite two books from Lori (although Lost and Found is close behind them). She's a phenomenal writer and story teller. Please, do yourself a favorite and check out her books.


5 out of 5 stars

* This book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review. *

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