Friday, August 12, 2016

Book Review: A Thousand Boy Kisses

Title A Thousand Boy Kisses
Author Tillie Cole
Release Date March 15, 2016

One kiss lasts a moment.
But a thousand kisses can last a lifetime.

One boy.
One girl.
A bond that is forged in an instant and cherished for a decade.
A bond that neither time nor distance can break.
A bond that will last forever.
Or so they believe.

When seventeen-year-old Rune Kristiansen returns from his native Norway to the sleepy town of Blossom Grove, Georgia, where he befriended Poppy Litchfield as a child, he has just one thing on his mind. Why did the girl who was one half of his soul, who promised to wait faithfully for his return, cut him off without a word of explanation?

Rune’s heart was broken two years ago when Poppy fell silent. When he discovers the truth, he finds that the greatest heartache is yet to come.

Part of me understands all the positive reviews that A Thousand Boy Kisses has received. A sweet girl and a swoon-worthy love interest in a emotional romance? What's not to love, right? Well, the other part of me (the bigger part actually) will tell you.

First off, before anything else, I want to say that I enjoyed the writing in this book. For a book that I ended up not enjoying, the writing was really great. It may be the sole reason that I give another book by Tillie Cole a chance.

Now, moving on to my disappointments...

These characters didn't work for me. Poppy was the standard Manic Pixie Dream Girl in all of her glorious perfection. Rune was the typical brooding bad boy. If you can ignore those stereotypical characters, the dialogue may just ruin the characters for you instead. It didn't seem natural. The cherry on top of the unnatural dialogue seemed to be an unbelievable amount of cheesiness. Good grief! I don't mind a little cheese in my romance, but this took it way overboard.

What better for stereotypical characters than a plot that's been done over and over? Yeah, it was so predictable that it hurt. The beginning (until chapter six or so) was perfectly fine and enjoyable. Then it all seemed to go down hill from there.

Again, I get the love for this book. I wish I would have enjoyed it more, especially since I really enjoyed the writing. Unfortunately, it just didn't click for me.


2 out of 5 stars

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