Friday, July 7, 2017

Book Review: Behind the Hands That Kill

Title Behind The Hands That Kill
Series In the Company of Killers, book 6
Author J. A. Redmerski
Release Date May 7, 2016

Even professional killers need vacations, but for Victor Faust, his vacation in Venezuela is about more than relaxation and time alone with Izabel Seyfried. It is a chance for him to come clean to Izabel: to tell her the truth about why he sent her to Italy with his brother, the truth behind his interest in Nora Kessler, and about his knowledge of Izabel’s child with her former captor. But before Victor can spill his soul, reality proves that for some killers, vacations are just pipe-dreams.

Attacked and kidnapped, Izabel finds herself stuffed in a suitcase, while Victor later wakes up imprisoned in a cage. In any other situation, Victor would find a way out and save himself and the woman he loves—but not this time. When the identities of their kidnappers are revealed, Victor loses all hope, and begins the mental process of accepting his and Izabel’s last moments together. And Izabel’s final moments of life.

As if his circumstances are not complicated enough, members of Vonnegut’s Order are finally closing in on Victor. And when they do, he comes face-to-face with someone else he once knew and loved, who could either help him, or make a grave situation much worse. Victor’s past has finally caught up with him: the women he has cared for, loved, and killed; the families he has destroyed; the unforgivable crimes he has committed. And now he must face the consequences, and pay the ultimate price for absolution.

But when it is all over, Victor may not have the strength to pick up what is left and move on. Because the event changes him. Because love changed him. And because, unlike before when he thought it is was for the best, he cannot imagine a life without Izabel in it.

Reviews for previous books: book one, book two, book three, book four, and book five. There may be spoilers for previous books in this review. You have been warned!

So in The Black Wolf, we get a glimpse of something between Izabel and Niklas. It feels like there's this chemistry between them that's pulling them together. After reading Behind the Hands That Kill, I think I want that explored even more than after reading The Black Wolf (and I really wanted it then).

As a reader, I completely expect characters to undergo change throughout a series. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I like the direction that Victor's headed in. He doesn't feel like the same man. I know that makes little sense. How can he feel like the same man if he's changing, right? I don't know how to explain it, I guess. I think the best way for me to explain it is this... Izabel is changing into a fiercer, more badass version of herself. Victor is turning into a syrupy, more mushy version of himself. I can't see them together anymore. Perhaps that part of the reason I'd be down to explore a relationship between her and Niklas (who still retains his badassness).

Behind the Hands That Kill is definitely a filler book (the very first) in the series. It does, however, lay a pretty solid foundation for what's coming next in the series, taking down Vonnegut. While this book wasn't the strongest of the series, I'm still excited to read more.


3 out of 5 stars

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