Saturday, July 20, 2013

Book Review: Shadowborn

Title Shadowborn

Series Light & Shadow, book 1

Author Moira Katson

Release Date April 8, 2013

It has been only two generations since Arthur Warden seized the throne of Heddred from the Conradines, and now the crown rests on the head of Garad, sickly and weak. Shadows gather: legacies of the centuries-long rivalries for power, old betrayals, the endless plots of the courtiers, and the murmur of rebellion in the southern provinces...

Catwin, plucked from her life at the edge of the Kingdom, is thrust abruptly into the world of the Court when she is chosen by the Duke of Voltur to be a Shadow-spy, shield, and blade-to his niece, the Lady Miriel DeVere. The Duke's ruthlessness is legendary, and he will stop at nothing to become the power behind the throne, using Miriel as a pawn to catch Garad's heart.

But the Duke's carefully-laid plans are only a piece of the intrigue of the court, and greater forces than Catwin can imagine are massed against her, determined to eliminate Miriel and impose a new order of their own. If Catwin and Miriel are to survive, they must learn quickly who to trust, and when to turn their skills against the very people who have trained them...

I've never been a big fan of the medieval genre before. No matter how much fantasy you throw in, Kings and Queens and the Court haven't ever done it for me. So, when Moira contacted me about reviewing Shadowborn, I was pretty torn. Yes, the book has pretty good reviews... but would it be interesting enough to keep my attention?

Shadowborn moves a slow and steady pace. One thing I saw mentioned in a few reviews is that there isn't a whole lot of action (danger, threat against Miriel) going on. Most people have counted this against the book. However, it felt right to me. I feel like Shadowborn was laying the ground work for the trilogy and it did so wonderfully. While there wasn't a lot of action, there was a lot happening.

Moira's writing is fantastic. I love that Shadowborn is done in first person. I think it added extra mystery to the story since we're only able to see things as Catwin sees them. The characters are masterfully done. All of the characters had their own personality and depth. I loved watching Catwin and Miriel evolve through the story. I cannot wait to see how the story continues.


5 out of 5 stars

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