Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Book Review: Perfect Lie

Title Perfect Lie

Author Teresa Mummert

Release Date December 17, 2013

Sometimes love burns so hot in your veins that it consumes all rational thought.

That’s why Brock and I never had a chance. I had to start my life over. College was my chance to become someone new. I changed everything about myself to fit in, but one person saw through my facade.

The attraction between Abel and I was undeniable, but I still hadn’t healed from the painful secret I carried around with me. Abel struggled to get me to face my past in order to move forward. In doing so, he revealed a secret of his own; one that changed everything I thought I knew.

A secret that would bring Brock back into my life and force me to face the truth of what really happened the day I lost him.

Holy unbelievable plot twist, Batman! And by unbelievable, I mean, what in the world did I just read?!

For the majority of the book, I was on board with the story. I had a pretty clear picture of what was going on and it was completely believable. Then, somewhere between understanding and confusion lies the rest of the book. In order for my questions to be cleared up, I had to read a post on Teresa Mummert's Facebook forum. While it doesn't change my opinion on the book, it does help me to understand what I read.

There are, in fact, plenty of clues (very subtle) peppered in the book just like Teresa stated in that previously mentioned post. However, I don't believe the average person will pay attention to those clues and figure out the big plot twist. I know I didn't.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this book. I generally enjoyed the story and I guess I even liked the big plot twist. However, in order for me to fully understand what happened, I had to read something outside of the book. This kind of cheapens it for me.


3 out of 5 stars

* This book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review. *

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