Friday, May 23, 2014

Book Review: Loving Mr. Daniels

Title Loving Mr. Daniels

Author Brittainy C. Cherry

Release Date May 11, 2014

To Whom it May Concern,

It was easy to call us forbidden and harder to call us soulmates. Yet I believed we were both. Forbidden soulmates.

When I arrived to Edgewood, Wisconsin I didn’t plan to find him. I didn't plan to stumble into Joe's bar and have Daniel's music stir up my emotions. I had no clue that his voice would make my hurts forget their own sorrow. I had no idea that my happiness would remember its own bliss.

When I started senior year at my new school, I wasn’t prepared to call him Mr. Daniels, but sometimes life happens at the wrong time for all the right reasons.

Our love story wasn’t only about the physical connection.

It was about family. It was about loss. It was about being alive. It was silly. It was painful. It was mourning. It was laughter.

It was ours.

And for those reasons alone, I would never apologize for loving Mr. Daniels.

-Ashlyn Jennings

Every once in a while, you come across a book that is perfection. For me, Loving Mr. Daniels is that book. I love this book in ways that I can't even begin to describe.

Roller coaster of emotions doesn't even begin to describe how I felt when reading this book. I smiled, I swooned, I laughed, and I cried (like, full on crying not just one or two tears). This book made me feel things that I've never felt while reading a book. My heart was broken and mended time and again.

The characters in this book were something special. I wanted to give every single one of them a hug. I adored Ashlyn and her bookiness. I, too, fell in love with Mr. Daniels. Ryan (especially) and Hailey were the type of friends that everyone needs. I loved them and what they added to the story. And I absolutely loved that Gabby was a part of the story in her own unique and special way. Beautifully done.

The story, every single word, was perfect. The ups and downs were crafted in just the right the way. While this book is certainly a romance, it's so much more. It's a story about friendships, siblings, loss, healing, and finding oneself. Cherry has a way with words! There are so many quotable passages in this book that it's too hard to pick a favorite.

To say that I loved this book is an understatement. It's certainly my favorite book of the past few years.


5 out of 5 stars

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