Sunday, August 31, 2014

Book Review: I Hunt Killers

Title I Hunt Killers

Series Jasper Dent, book 1

Author Barry Lyga

Release Date April 23, 2012

What if the world's worst serial killer...was your dad?

Jasper "Jazz" Dent is a likable teenager. A charmer, one might say.

But he's also the son of the world's most infamous serial killer, and for Dear Old Dad, Take Your Son to Work Day was year-round. Jazz has witnessed crime scenes the way cops wish they could—from the criminal's point of view.

And now bodies are piling up in Lobo's Nod.

In an effort to clear his name, Jazz joins the police in a hunt for a new serial killer. But Jazz has a secret—could he be more like his father than anyone knows?

I Hunt Killers has been sitting on my to-read shelf for a while now (around a year and a half, but who's counting?). I finally picked it up whenever Netgalley invited me to read the sequel. Now, I wonder what took me so long to start.

Call me strange (or maybe even deranged), but serial killers are fascinating people. No matter what anyone else says, I know I'm not the only one that thinks so. After all, Dexter is a thing (still upset about the damn series finale, but that's another story). Even with this serial killer fascination, I was a bit skeptical about I Hunt Killers. I wasn't sure how well a YA book would tackle the subject. No worries there, though. Even with the YA classification, I still think fans of thrillers or crime novels will enjoy this book. On top of everything humor is sprinkled throughout the book (especially in the form of Jazz's best friend, Howie, and grandmother). I enjoyed the additional layer it added to the book.

Overall, I'd say that I thoroughly enjoyed I Hunt Killers. Though it started off somewhat slow for me, it did pick up and flow steadily afterwards. As far as the small element of mystery in the book, it wasn't nearly as big of a part of the story as I would have thought. In that instance, I don't think someone should read this looking for a mystery. You may be disappointed in that aspect. However, it's still a very solid book and I am certainly looking forward to the sequel.


4 out of 5 stars

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