Saturday, September 13, 2014

Book Review: Morning Glory

Title Morning Glory

Author LaVyrle Spencer

Release Date 1989

On the eve of World War II, two people are brought together by fate and discover an unexpected passion.
Will drifts into Whitney, Georgia, one lazy afternoon in the summer of 1941, dragging his lonely past behind him. All he asks is for a chance to love. Then he sees Elly's classified ad for a husband, and when he steps across Elly's cluttered yard, Will knows he has come home at last.

This is an incredible book. It far exceeded any expectations I had.

Morning Glory is a beautifully written historical romance. It made me feel. It made me feel a lot.

This isn't a light and fluffy romance. It's intense (and not in that over-dramatized, unrealistic way) and full of emotion. There's a slow-burning and passionate love between two broken people that learn to heal together. It's imperfect and beautiful. There's nothing that I could possibly say that hasn't been said in a hundred different reviews before mine. Just know that I believe this book is a piece of perfection.

I recommend Morning Glory to those that enjoy romance. It's truly my favorite romance of the year.


5 out of 5 stars

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