Saturday, February 28, 2015

Book Review: The Rosie Project

Title The Rosie Project

Series Don Tillman, book 1

Author Graeme Simsion

Release Date October 1, 2013

Don Tillman, professor of genetics, has never been on a second date. He is a man who can count all his friends on the fingers of one hand, whose lifelong difficulty with social rituals has convinced him that he is simply not wired for romance. So when an acquaintance informs him that he would make a “wonderful” husband, his first reaction is shock. Yet he must concede to the statistical probability that there is someone for everyone, and he embarks upon The Wife Project. In the orderly, evidence-based manner with which he approaches all things, Don sets out to find the perfect partner. She will be punctual and logical—most definitely not a barmaid, a smoker, a drinker, or a late-arriver.

Yet Rosie Jarman is all these things. She is also beguiling, fiery, intelligent—and on a quest of her own. She is looking for her biological father, a search that a certain DNA expert might be able to help her with. Don's Wife Project takes a back burner to the Father Project and an unlikely relationship blooms, forcing the scientifically minded geneticist to confront the spontaneous whirlwind that is Rosie—and the realization that love is not always what looks good on paper.

When I first discovered The Rosie Project, I couldn't decide whether or not it was something I was interested in reading. I don't know why I was hesitant to read it. The blurb makes it seem like it would be right up my alley. I resisted, though. I couldn't even convince myself to put it on my TBR list. A couple of days ago, though, I couldn't make up my mind about which book to read next (there's too many choices!). Of course, The Rosie Project showed up as I was browsing Goodreads. So... I picked it up.

And it was awesome. Wonderful, developed characters. Fun and interesting story. Solid writing.

The only problem I had with the book is the ending. While I was happy that the book ended the way it did, I didn't like the execution. I want the ending that's there, but I want to get there differently. I want something more inline with the rest of the book.

I will certainly read the next book, The Rosie Effect.


4 out of 5 stars

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