Friday, June 12, 2015

Book Review: The Dream Jumper's Pursuit

Title The Dream Jumper's Pursuit

Series Dream Jumper, book 3

Author Kim Hornsby

Release Date June 1, 2015

Jamey Dunn has lost his ability to enter dreams, and not only is he living his new wife's life in Maui, but she's now the primary dream jumper. When his tracking expertise is needed in a family emergency, both Jamey and Tina take to the road on a manhunt of dangerous proportions that only Jamey can orchestrate. A dream lures them to an exotic country where a horrifying premonition must be prevented.

Tina's devotion to motherhood is put to the ultimate test as she endeavors to protect her family in this strange land. But she can’t save Jamey from his past and they soon discover that turning over rocks has its price and carefully guarded secrets will surface eventually.

The Dream Jumper’s Pursuit is a journey of self-discovery for both Tina and Jamey, culminating in another incredible ending you won’t see coming.

Out of all three of the books in this series, this book feels like it has the most action in it, but that could simply be because it's freshest in my mind. Either way, a lot takes place in this book, but it doesn't feel like too much. Does that make sense? Like, everything that happens feels relevant to the story. It doesn't just feel like events are included just to add substance to the book.

Overall, this is a really good book. I feel like the series gets better with each and every book and that's definitely something Kim should be proud of. And whether or not this book is the last in the series, I've enjoyed it thoroughly. If it is the last (which I have no idea either way), it wouldn't be a bad ending at all. Things are tied up nicely and I really enjoyed the way things ended here (especially how Tina and Jamey use their dream jumping!). However, if there are more books to come, don't doubt that I will read them. I love these books and would gladly continue reading about Tina and Jamey's dream jumping journey.


5 out of 5 stars

* This book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review. *

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