Thursday, November 3, 2016

Book Review: In the Wake of Wanting

Title In the Wake of Wanting
Author Lori L. Otto
Release Date October 27, 2016

Even before the second semester of his sophomore year at Columbia began, Trey Holland knew his life would be completely different by the end of it. He had yet to meet the pretty–yet flustered–freshman who he’d be mentoring on the school paper. He had yet to discover the despicable secrets his new best friend was hiding.

All Trey knew at the time was that the relationship with his high school sweetheart was nearing its end.

In those days before the spring semester began, life for Trey was simple. School was a place to learn. His fraternity was a community of like-minded brothers. Life was full of well-intentioned people. Complications were tiny bumps in the road, easily smoothed over, leaving no trace behind.

In a matter of weeks, Trey is thrust into a jaded reality brought on by choices he makes and by the vile actions of those around him. It won’t take long for him to look back and see the wreckage left in the wake of wanting.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Portions of this book deal with the sensitive subject of rape and sexual abuse. While the incidents are not 'experienced' first hand, they are retold in hindsight by characters. The descriptions of the events are brief, and while they are not graphic, they may be considered disturbing to some.

I love Lori L. Otto's books. She's seriously one of my favorite authors. She writes about family and friends. She writes about love, loyalty, and passion. Her books are realistic and relevant. These are the kinds of stories of love and life that I adore reading.

In the Wake of Wanting is all that I love from Lori and more. As per the author's note, it contains material pertaining to the sensitive subjects of rape and sexual abuse. Inspired by real life events, Lori handles the story line with delicacy and finesse. I don't think anyone else could have done a better job at telling a story such as this.

To those that have read other books by Lori will see plenty of familiar faces as all of her books are spin offs of the Emi Lost and Found series. To those that haven't read anything else by her, I certainly recommend her work. Whether it's starting with In the Wake of Wanting or going back to the Emi Lost and Found series, you won't be disappointed.

In the Wake of Wanting is a story of love and loyalty. It's a timely story of surviving and standing up for yourself. It's one of my favorites of 2016. You don't want to miss it.


5 out of 5 stars

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