Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Book Review: The Black Wolf

Title The Black Wolf
Series In the Company of Killers, book 5
Author J. A. Redmerski
Release Date July 1, 2015

Since devastating secrets were uncovered by Nora Kessler, Niklas Fleischer and Victor Faust have been divided as business partners and brothers. But ultimately Niklas is persuaded to lead a mission to Italy, and he sees it as an opportunity to set in motion forgiveness—or retribution—for his brother’s betrayal.

The mission: play the role of a wealthy German investor and kidnap a beautiful, notorious madam named Francesca Moretti. No stranger to these types of roles, Niklas is the best man for the job, but this time the risks will be much greater as he will not be doing it alone. Izabel Seyfried, still fresh out of a life of imprisonment and sex slavery, could be negatively affected by the things she will see in Moretti’s mansion, and Niklas must keep her in line so she does not blow their cover and get them killed.

But Niklas isn’t the only one who must play a role—Nora takes on the humiliating task of playing Niklas’s slave, and Izabel must play the role of his lover.

On one hand, Niklas couldn’t be enjoying himself more. On the other hand, the emotions that continue to rage inside of him may be too much for him to control, and it may be Niklas—not Izabel—who needs to be kept in line. He cannot forget what Victor has done, and this mission may just be the beginning of his downward spiral.

Can the blood bond that Niklas and Victor share as brothers be stronger than resentment? Or will vengeance dig the blade so deep that their bond be eternally severed?

Reviews for previous books: book one, book two, book three, and book four.

Where is this series going? Oh my goodness. The Black Wolf intrigued me in a way that I can't explain (mostly because I don't want to spoil anything, ha!). I have questions. I hope they're answered in Behind the Hands that Kill because I'm not sure how long I can wait.

Though this is the fifth book in the series, it's just as strong as the first. In the Company of Killers is such an awesome series in that each book is fresh and just as engaging as the books before it. I have yet to be disappointed by any of these books. Definitely pick up the first book, Killing Sarai, if you're looking for an awesome, dark, and suspenseful thriller with some romance sprinkled in.

I know this isn't much of a review, but I wanted to bring attention to this series (again) and share my love of it. Besides, anything I could say would be rife with spoilers.


5 out of 5 stars

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