Friday, August 18, 2017

Book Review: Watermark

Title Watermark
Author Marti Ziegler
Release Date August 5, 2017

Whom could you trust if you were stranded fifteen hundred miles from home?

Misfortune has plagued Juno Brock for months. Recently widowed, a chance encounter with a dangerous criminal in St. Louis exposes her to information that can see her branded. Or worse, hanged. When a pirate attack on the Mississippi River maroons her in the wilds of Michigan Territory, she has but one choice: use her wits to secure passage on a boat traveling downriver and reunite with her family fifteen hundred miles away.

An arrogant mistake in his youth has set flatboat pilot Malcolm Moreau on a forked path of redemption and revenge. His successful livelihood transporting goods to New Orleans revolves around cargo, not passengers, but Juno’s recent encounter with his longtime enemy makes her the exception. A bargain is struck: safe passage to Natchez, Mississippi, in exchange for the information she unwittingly discovered.

What follows is a month-long journey where mistrust and resentment unfolds into an unexpected friendship filled with secret confidences and before long, attraction. Sometimes dangerous, often humorous, their voyage down America’s most infamous river and the outlandish characters they meet along the way will ultimately inspire a destination neither expected: love.

I previously read and loved the author's first book, Clingstone, so I had pretty high hopes for Watermark. Unsurprisingly, this book far exceeded any expectations I had when I started it. Even though I've only read two of her books, this one is without a doubt my favorite (for now).

Marti Ziegler is a brilliant historical romance author. While I may not read much historical romance, I can attest that this is a fantastic book, no matter the genre.

Both the aspects of life on the Mississippi River during the late 1820s and the lovely deep connection between our two main characters, Juno and Malcolm, are told in a beautiful prose that I just couldn't get enough of. I loved both Juno and Malcolm and I adored them together. Also, I really enjoyed the story line about Malcolm and Joliange and everything that entailed. It added another depth to the book that I liked. Overall, there's not a single thing I would have changed.

I said before that I was looking forward to seeing more from the author. That remains true still. Her writing is exactly what I needed during a reading slump.


* This book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review. *

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